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Volunteering with us...

Cockburn Sea Rescue relies on volunteers committed to the safety of the boating public. As such, we are always looking for the right people to join our team. Cockburn Sea Rescue offers a service that is invaluable to the boating community, but also provides an opportunity to meet and work with other like-minded people.


We pride ourselves on our ability to respond professionally, whether at the request of the general public or on behalf of the Water Police as Western Australia's Hazard Management Authority.


The safety and welfare of people who require assistance is in our hands - and we don't take that responsibility lightly!


If you would like more information about joining our crew, please click on the "More information" button to find out more about volunteering with our group.


If you are still committed after reading this informative document, then please feel free to click on the "Register your interest" button. All new applicants are required to attend our information night. We'll be in contact with you prior to confirm the event, or to notify you of any date changes.

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