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Memberships with Cockburn Sea Rescue

For piece of mind knowing CVSSR is there for you in times of need...

Our Affiliate members receive a radio membership callsign, which they use to log on and off when using their boats. This personal call sign identifies them as a Group member with the necessary personal information held on our membership database.  This allows for quick support should it become necessary.


The cost of an Affiliate membership is $35 per year including GST.  This fee helps us to cover our administration costs and every cent is used to support the boating public of WA.


Simply click the button on the right to register!

For our existing members to update their details...

It is critical for us to have your correct details should your vessel require assistance. If any of your details have changed you can simply take a minute to update them here.


To make a payment and renew your Affiliate membership click here.

OPERATIONAL MEMBERSHIP - (our awesome volunteers)
For those committed to the safety and welfare of the boating public...

Our Operational members are the life-blood of our organisation. Roles within the Group are varied, ranging from administrative duties to radio operators and rescue vessel skippers and crew.

Our rescue vessel crew members are required to undertake regular training to ensure a high level of competency is maintained within the Group - and to ensure we are ready to respond to whatever situation presents.

Our radio operators play a critical role in our 24/7 monitoring of all calls to VH6CL. Members are offered many training opportunities as well as courses such as the Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency.  Our radio room operates from 0730 to 1700 everyday after which home base stations take over radio watch.


The cost for an Operational membership is $10 per year and payable at our AGM.

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