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About us...

In July 1974 members of Cockburn Power Boats Assn. realised there was a need for some form of assistance to boats and crews that ventured out into local waters. To meet this need members organised a roster using their own boats. From this humble beginning they developed a rescue group that became incorporated on January 17th 1977 and developed into the group that we have today. Whilst an independent Group prior to December 2015, Cockburn Volunteer Sea Search & Rescue is now proud to be gazetted under the Department of Fire and Emegency Services and a member of Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia.

We work closely with the Water Police, who are the hazard management authority for all marine search and rescue operations in Western Australia.  Each year we average about 200 rescues with over 600 members of the public returned safely to the shore. 

Our area of operation is roughly from the old South Fremantle Power Station to our north, to the Kwinana Grain Terminal to our south and as far out to sea as required.  We work closely with our neighboring rescue groups and are often required well outside this area.

There is an increasing demand for our services, as the boating community is expanding with the rapid growth of the City of Cockburn and surrounding areas. With today’s technology and larger trailerable vessels available, many boaties now tend to travel much further offshore.

For the safety of the boating public, we operate a coastal marine radio base station and are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our principal rescue craft "AVAIL" is a 9 metre catamaran with twin diesel motors, supported by our 8 metre catamaran "ASSURE" which will be launched in 2016. We can be found on the water every weekend and public holiday, but are on call-out standby twenty four hours a day.

Our members are all volunteers who spend many hours a month manning our radios and boats. They also attend ongoing training to become proficient in such disciplines as first aid, radio communications, navigation and seamanship.

Our headquarters are situated on the corner of Cockburn Road and Gemma Road in Henderson. It is set up as a radio communications and co-ordination centre and is our principle training facility. We also have a crew facility which is set up as a communications centre and a boatshed within the confines of the Cockburn Power Boats Association premises at the Woodman Point Marina.


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